very controversial thoughts on guys downgrading

The other day I was talking to one of my guy friends about guys downgrading. The topic came up because one of my female friends hooked up with a guy from our class but she lost interest and I was saying how I feel bad for the guy because now he has no choice but to downgrade since my friend is really beautiful and amazing. He was really lucky he even got attention from her and even I was really shocked that she had a thing for him. But the thing is I feel like even if the guy downgrades, I feel like he would be happy because they are programmed to adapt, and make do with what they have. It is not that deep of an issue for them, it is more like quantity than quality for them or as long as they have something, preferably the best they can find, when they are ready, and it is not the end of the world if they lose the best. I see many real examples of how Guys are programmed to behave naturally. Like how majority of the guys downgrade but they are happy with the downgrade. They are programmed too spread their seed anywhere and everywhere . that is why they do not really have a single type. they are into all types of girls. Pretty girls ugly girls, upgrades, downgrades, it does not really matter it is petty much the same to them as long as they have something to pump it into LOL. As long  as they are spreading their seeds they will be happy does not matter what kind of person it is sometimes they do have type but that type is VERY flexible. That is why you will see a guy with a gorgeous smart amazing girl one day and a 180 ugly dumb hoe downgrade the next day and happy. And you know what ain’t nothing wrong with being happy with a downgrade. It is actually kind  of a good thing that just means guys can be happier with less which is awesome. They can be happier with more types of girls they do not  have strict type they gotta look for. They can pick up any trash and be happy. It does not matter. It just has less meaning to them. Their taste is not as sophisticated. Guys always complain girls are picky and its true we are pickier which has its downfalls but in the end its rewarding when the girls ends ups with an amazing upgrade. Happy and upgraded. Happy and downgraded. Either way each type finds happiness. One is easier to get (downgrade) and the other is harder but more rewarding which is awesome too. Both have their pros and cons. However, I must say there is also a grey area. Some guys are more controlled or feminine than other guys. They control their biological instincts more than others or their natural tendencies. Other guys just do not care. whatever floats your boat. It is all good. Whatever you feel is best. I actually read somewhere that guys go for downgrades out of insecurity and that relationships with downgrades last the longest because downgrades are less likely to leave and can not do better. That is why some attractive guys have ugly unattractive downgrade wives. They want to commit to someone who will not leave or is too unattractive to leave. Either way, they know what makes them happy, and if a downgrade will do the job then so be it! Good for them for knowing what works and going for it. Sorry our conversation got me really into thinking about it. I know my thoughts are ridiculous but it kind of makes sense to me, when I wonder how guys are happier with a downgrade, but to them being happier and feeling secure is not a downgrade, which I get. They go about it in a logical way which I admire.


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